Our Stories

My name is Dorothy, I am a 69-year-old women recovering from her fourth venous cerebral hemorrhage. In March 2019, after feeling pins& needles in my left arm & leg, as well as my face, I was taken to hospital where it took a month to be stabilized. After my previous strokes I was able to return to home w out-patient care, but this time was I was significantly more debilitated. My Doctors, physio & occupational therapists recommended I spend time at a dedicated rehabilitation hospital – fortunately I was sent to Queen’s Park Care Centre ( QPCC).

I took up residence on the stroke designated ward where I could commiserate with like-minded patients and receive the benefit of specialized doctor & nurse care. The primary goal for patients at QPCC is to relearn to be independent. An occupational therapist fit me with a wheelchair and  taught me how to transfer from it to bed, toilet, gym equipment ect.  I long for the day when I can, like some more advanced patients, use a walker. The OT has also taught me tricks to wash & dress myself with a weak left side, get in and out of the shower and car.

The physiotherapy which I receive one on one each day is helping me learn to stand holding my balance and walk again. Some days this involves working on equipment such as treadmill, bike or NuStep. I know that physical exercise is going to be a part of my life going forward and that I will have to be committed to outpatient therapy and doing physio for the next year at least to achieve the quality of life I once had.  I know that with emotional support of family & friends, care givers and fellow stroke survivors it is doable as long as I am motivated to work, can celebrate each success however small and respect the power of positive thinking.