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The Queen’s Park Healthcare Foundation (QPHF) has been raising funds for priority equipment needs, facility enhancements and activity programming at the Queen’s Park Care Centre, and William Rudd House, for almost 30 years.

The Foundation strives to create a home-like environment for residents and patients.

The St Mary’s Health Foundation

Rotary Club of New Westminster

The late Mary Wyss

The Fraternal Order of Eagles

New Westminster Italian Mutual Aid Society

Van Tel/Safeway

As we age, we all benefit from facilities and services which will help us remain independent longer. Queen’s Park Care Centre and William Rudd House offer a variety of innovative services to meet the needs of short-term visitors and to create a home for those who can no longer live independently. Some attend the Adult Day Program while others have been admitted to the rehabilitation unit for assessment and physical therapy after being in hospital. Others make Queen’s Park Care Centre and William Rudd House their home.

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Donor recognition

Thank you to The St Mary’s Health Foundation, who donated $15,000 for the Courtyard Garden.


Embrace Aging

Embrace Aging (EA) is a public celebration of aging and a free speaker series that brings together a multitude of experts to examine the challenges and joys that seniors and family care givers, face together, on the journey of aging.

The speaker series runs twice a week during the entire month of March in the city of New Westminster and is hosted by the Queen’s Park Health Care Foundation in concert with our partners and in particular, our partner, the Greater Victoria Eldercare Foundation, the originator of the Embrace Aging campaign.

Generating opportunities for public discourse, bringing together experts willing to share their knowledge for free and being a resource for knowledge and information, is part of the Foundation’s mission.  We do this in partnership with other like minded organizations, businesses and individuals.

Perhaps you are involved in an organization or business that shares our mission? Perhaps, as an individual you resonate with our mission? If so contact us today. We would love to hear from you.

Join with us to become part of the community who cars, who puts compassion into action!